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Pat has been a systems-level Software Engineer since shortly after starting college in 1972. He has had a wide range of experience in a variety of languages and environments. He is now self employed as a consultant.

He is available through any of the following sources:

A nearly up-to-date resumé is available on-line as an HTML HyperDocument tree. Other formats will be made available as time permits. The HTML document takes advantage of the hyperdocument paradigm to present more information than a print resumé would normally include. You will also find it very rich in links to companies, organizations, and general info related to the subject matter.


Pat is a voracious reader of Speculative Fiction; but has participated only slightly in the traditional fan activities. (cons, 'zines, etc.) On the other hand, he has accumulated a library comprising several thousand volumes...

He has been interested in Esperanto for about six lustra, but never seems to have the time to become fluent.

He is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, but not a frequent participant. (Again, life seems to get in the way.) His primary SCA interests at this point are combat (as a form of personal exercize and stress reduction), and heraldry. He is still trying to decide on a name and persona. (Leaning towards celtic in honor of his mundane heritage.)

He has taken an accredited Massage Therapy Certification Course, but various circumstances prevented him from taking the final exam, so he does not have his certificate. And since the school at which he studied no longer exists, obtaining one would probably involve starting over.

At the age of 16 he obtained an ordination from the Universal Life Church; but considers himself more spritual than religious. In the last few years he has performed half a dozen wedding ceremonies for friends, and turned down a few requests from strangers.

Currently, he is sharing his home with a domestic partner (Ruth Ann Groves), several computers, and large menangerie of plush critters, mostly teddy bears.

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