Daily Comics

These pages contain links to comic strips and cartoons that are (usually) updated more than once a week. Most of them are updated daily Monday through Friday. Note that this is not an attempt to provide an exhaustive or definitive list of daily comic strips; just the ones that I know of and think are worth my time every day. (And those for which I am currently giving the benefit of the doubt.) For other sources of comic and cartoon info, select Other Comics Collections from the menu frame.

The menu frame offers several choices. The Introduction item is this document. The Constant Name and By Date items each offer a page of in-line images of the comic strips themselves. The items in the Not In-lineable section are links to the current pages for strips which cannot readily be in-lined.

NONE OF THESE STRIPS ARE LOCATED AT THIS SITE. These pages are simply a collection of links and in-line references to the strips' canonical locations. I am not responsible for the content or availability of any of these strips.

In particular, the Universal Press page is a simple in-line of strips extracted from their per-feature pages. HoustonChronicle.com offers a 'create your own comics page' facility which allows you to select which comics you wish to read, and to bookmark the result for easy daily viewing. Our link is simply a bookmark of a request for all available strips, modified to put them all on a single page. (Their form has a maximum of eight per page.) And finally, the United Media strips are not in-lineable; but they do now have a "Today's Comics" sequence that reduces the navigation overhead.

Note that the Houston Chronicle features require registration and a once-per-session login. To register and obtain a login, visit their registration page

If the images do not appear to be updating from day-to-day, you may need to force your browser to re-load the frame. In Netscape-3.x, the current frame can be reloaded by selecting the View/Reload Frame menu item. (The current frame is usually the last one that had any user action. Click in the frame's data area or scrollbar to ensure that it is selected.)

The Universal Press Syndicate has a very nice article on Using Frames which explains how to bookmark and navigate within framed pages. It is aimed at Netscape-2.x; and not entirely accurate for Netscape 3.x, but still useful.

If the embossed background on these pages looks a bit stark and ugly, try changing the image option to force dithering. (General Preferences.../ Images in the Options menu.) This appears to be a minor buglet (or misfeature) in Netscape 3.0 when running in 8-bit deep (256 color) displays and Automatic color handling. Since the five colors used in the background are not in the color cube, it will allocate additional colors for them. But as soon as it loads an image with additional colors, it releases the background colors and switches to Closest Match instead of dithering. There does not appear to be any way around this unless I can get the background to use only colors from the cube. (Note that I am currently using the same background gray that Netscape uses for pages which do not specify a background. This color is not one of the permanently allocated colors though...)

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